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..Iloki Records was originally started as What Records in 1977. It was going to be the vehicle to put out The Germs' first single, "Forming," and it was. There has been plenty written on The Germs, so I'm not going to get into that subject. Shortly after, I was approached by The Dils' manager to put out a single for them. This was the birth of What 02, The Dils' "I Hate the Rich." I was frequenting The Masque in Hollywood, and from there I recorded The Controllers, The Skulls, and The Eyes. That was the beginning. For the next 10 years, I recorded many different projects, mostly staying away from the Punk rock that I started with. I got bored easily.

The What? Roster

.Starting around 1982, I was working alot with punky instro surf music. Then it happened. I was approached by Word Records to buy the name - "What." Why would a Christian label from Texas want "What"? At first, I declined, then I thought "What" had lost any kind of identity, so I said to myself, why not? Thus, was born the name Iloki, which had a Hawaiian sound to go with the surf music I was working on.

The Iloki Roster

.....I have worked with many fine artists and bands in my career and I hope that they have had as great an experience working with me as I have had with them.

.....I hope you will enjoy this website that is being put together by Johnny Stingray formerly of The Controllers, Kaos, Skull Control, and many more. Please write in with your thoughts and questions.

Chris Ashford, 2004


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